East Spencer is one of several food deserts in Rowan County. One way to address the challenge of a food desert is to get your hands dirty and take care of the land. We currently have backyard chickens, milk goats, rabbits, worms, gardens, compost and more. We try our best to plant a little more than we need in the garden so that we can practice gleaning with others. We also share eggs with our neighbors from time to time. The neighborhood kids especially enjoy feeding the goats. We even have an elderly lady who loves to stop everyday to just watch and feed them. The main thing is, we take care of the 1.3 acre lot of land that we have been given to steward.

Some images from the farm!!

Some images from the farm!!

If you would like to visit the farm, please join in and get a little dirt under your nails or if you would like to just come and feed the animals, come on. If you would like to take home some produce to your family, we welcome it. We hope you leave inspired to go back home and “practice resurrection,” as Wendell Berry says.

Pricing on the Farm

Fresh Eggs: $3 a dozen

Holland Lop Rabbits: $20 each (We have brand new baby bunnies!!)

Goat kids: Currently not selling any kids.

Produce: Whatever you feel led to give or take.